Who utilizes social media the most? Exactly what do social networks users purchase? Why do users engage with brands? Pleased you asked!Here are 10 brand-new and unexpected stats marketers have to understand about social media use. All of these statistics come from Nielsen’s 2016 Social Media Report, which was launched today.1. Females spend more time using social media than men.

On average, women invested 6 hours and 33 minutes weekly on social media networks while guys invested 4 hours and 23 minutes weekly.2. African-American adults utilize social media more than any other ethnic group when you

integrate smart device, tablet, and PC usage( 39.4 million )– however Hispanic adults are the greatest customers of social media on mobile phones (30 million).3. Gen X(ages 35-49) spend the most time on social media– 6 hours and 58 minutes weekly.

Millennials(ages 18-34) was available in second, spending 6 hours and 19 minutes of their time weekly on social media networks.4. 41 percent of customers who spent 2 hours or less on social media invested a minimum of $500 on online purchases

over the past 12 months, while 38 percent of consumers who spent a minimum of 3 hours per day on social networks invested $500 or more.5. A minimum of three-quarters of U.S. social networks users made an online purchase within the in 2015, but only 46 percent of non-social media users made an online purchase during the very same timeframe.6. Over the last year, 30 percent of people who used social media networks for less than 1 hour per day were looking for travel bookings, such as hotel spaces or automobile rentals– and

26 percent of users made a purchase.7. During the past year, 27 percent of individuals who used social media for 1 to 2 hours per day purchased motion picture tickets, while 19 percent of users bought tickets online.8. Over the in 2015, 28 percent of people who

used social media networks for 3 or more hours each day bought a mobile app, while 19 percent of users bought.9. About 37 percent of all consumers stated they utilize social media to discover products and services, while about 32 percent usage social media to get special offers, vouchers, or other discount rates from brand names.10.

Nearly 30 percent of people who use social media a minimum of 3 hours daily stated revealing support of and engaging with their preferred companies or brand names was extremely or rather important.Nielsen has lots more mind-blowing social networks usage stats in their brand-new report.< a href="http://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/corporate/us/en/reports-downloads/2017-reports/2016-nielsen-social-media-report.pdf"target= "_ blank" > Read the PDF here.



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