As the quintessential photo-sharing space for self-promotion, marketing, and digital showcasing, Instagram is a godsend for branding your social media presence. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, there isn’t a clear click-through model to generate tangible ROI from your photo and video-sharing presence. So how can you convert Instagram followers to subscribers?

Here we outline a few steps you can use to funnel your digital media audience into your e-mail database, which will lead to conversions and sales, as long as you nurture your list!

Exclusive Offers To Convert Instagram Followers To Subscribers

The oldest trick in the sales handbook may yet be handy. Incentives to boost sales has been a part of marketing strategy forever. Engaging your followers with exclusive deals, promotional offers, bonus offers for new followers, seasonal gifts around holidays, online offers which can be redeemed at physical store locations, or freebies for major events relevant to your brand, are great for capturing subscriber details. The key is to perfect the fine balance between teasing the initial rush of followers who only come looking for the deals, to having them engage them with your brand. Once they’ve expressed brand loyalty, it becomes much easier to convert them into sales.

Dedicated Landing Page For Instagram Followers

Yet again, exclusivity is the key to ensuring your potential customers feel special. Creating a dedicated landing page on your website, or e-commerce platform makes them feel cherished (and why not?! They are potential revenue generators for your business).

Headline the page extending a warm welcome. If possible, recognise their individuality and appreciate their support for your brand. While highlighting this aspect, subtly push through opt-in incentives: free e-books, whitepapers, infographics, or even a potpourri of free samples – basically an irresistible hook for them to sign up with their email.

Visually Enticing Feed

Call it the ‘filter effect’, but Instagram does make everything look much more desirable. How many times have you checked out your favourite feeds and coveted those fashionable skinny jeans? Or drooled at the food porn shots from your favourite eatery? Give your brand the same lavish ‘I want it!’ feel with perfectly accentuated clicks. For online businesses, add a few tantalising shots of your gated content, registered member sections, or preview of free downloads. In short – turn your Instagram feed into a buzzing hotspot of activity which piques the interest of your followers.

Sweepstakes, Contests, and Events

The key to an engaged user base on social media is often broadly classified into two strategies. Get people to complement, or get them to compete. Subscriptions and promotions get people to complement your brand identity. Creating periodic events, contests, sweepstakes, and surveys helps them vie for an attractive (and possibly expensive!) prize. This not only invites immediate engagement, but also opportunities for repeat sales as you can keep promoting these events to an ever increasing bucket of users each time you roll in fresh products or services. Just ensure that the prizes are valuable enough for the users to part with the privacy of their inbox.

So there you have it – four easy and effective ways to convert your Instagram visitors into a database of email addresses! What do you do to convert your Instagram followers to subscribers?