Business owners are always on the lookout for information and strategies to help them to become more successful. If we were to picture you, the business owner, as an elite level athlete, we would explore every area of performance: Physical fitness, emotional intelligence, mindset.

Elite sportspeople know how to think and feel in particular ways to help them achieve remarkable physical performances. You can learn how to use the same mental tools to change disempowering thoughts and transform limiting behaviours to ultimately enhance your performance.

So lace up those running shoes and prepare to whip your mind into shape. Here are our top 5 reasons why you need mental coaching to achieve peak performance as a business owner.

  1. You’ll gain a mental ‘edge’

Your performance is profoundly influenced by thoughts – by the things you say to yourself. Thoughts are the basic building blocks from which you form your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Every aspect of your performance starts with your thoughts. Every thought you have either empowers you or limits you. Not many business owners take the time to regularly train their mind to have empowering thoughts, even though a large proportion of ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ in business are put down to negative thoughts or feelings like ‘I was too stressed’, or ‘I got scared’. You can train your brain to recognise and shift these disempowering mental states as they happen.

  1. You can build champion momentum

The key to achieving success in your business (or any endeavour, for that matter), will be a result of your ability to create and maintain the necessary physical, mental and emotional momentum towards the realisation of your goal. Mental coaching can help you to develop key strategies to employ whenever something happens that has the potential to stop you in your tracks. You can learn how to quickly recognise what is happening with you mentally and develop skills in managing your thoughts and behaviour so that your performance doesn’t suffer.

  1. You need rock hard self-belief

One of the biggest influences on your self-belief is your ability to cope with failures, mistakes, poor performance and rejection. The only way you are going to achieve your full potential in your business is if you 100% know, deep down, that you are good enough. Everyone can believe in themselves when things are going well, but when the chips are down and you find yourself with your back to the wall it is that self-belief that will drag you out of that disempowering place and lead the charge towards peak performance. There are plenty of techniques that you can learn to build your self-belief so it’s there when you really need it.

  1. You’ll learn how to visualise for success

There is overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating that regular visualisation can improve performance. It works because visualisation has a specific, measurable, physiological effect on the human body. When an athlete visualises a stroke, shot or play in their mind, there is a measurable response by the muscles that are used in that activity. On a neurological level, your body can’t tell the difference between a real event and a vividly imagined one. This makes it possible to start to ‘program in’ desired behaviours and even emotional responses prior to an event or meeting. Practicing this regularly can give you a significant advantage over your competition and have you in a confident frame of mind before an all-important sales call.

  1. It can stop you ‘choking’ when it counts

Sometimes an athlete will take part in two competitions which immediately follow each other, with no marked changes in skill level, physical capacity or biomechanical efficiency, and perform at vastly different levels. They didn’t suddenly gain or lose skill, speed, talent or stamina within a matter of days or weeks, so what happened? It is very likely that their psychological mindset or control changed. An athlete can lose psychological control or get ‘psyched out’ in mere seconds, something psychologists refer to as ‘choking’. This happens when mental states interfere with skill execution. For a business owner, this can happen from sales call to sales call or meeting to meeting. This inability to regulate psychological states can be prevented by learning cognitive strategies and skills to help the athlete cope with negative stimuli from the outside world.

The Business Mindset

If you are serious about getting the most out of your business endeavours, you can no longer treat your performance like it’s a combination of isolated factors that will hopefully come together in some unified and mysterious way on the day. Just like an elite athlete would never enter a competition without spending time physically preparing their body to meet the demands of the event, you shouldn’t go into business without determining what psychological skills you will need to achieve your best possible performance.

Most entrepreneurs fail to take on the necessary mental conditioning to overcome failure and succeed. Before your competition catches up, now would be a great time to start practicing the skills and developing the strategies that will enable you to run your business with the best possible mindset.