If you’re new to photography or blogging and don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on software, these free image editing software programmes may be just what you need.

Here are the most commonly employed free picture editing programs:


Picasa is a downloadable picture organiser from Google which also offers some simple photo-editing choices. There are various quick fix alternatives like colour and contrast adjustments, and also the power to get rid of red eyes and crop your pictures. In addition, Picasa provides the capability to correct the highlights and shadows of an image, functionality that a number of the cheaper programmes sadly lack. The best thing is it is totally free, so give Picasa a try if you’re considering a straightforward image editor and organiser.

In the event you do not find Picasa to your liking, there are lots of other free alternatives.


PhotoPlus offers a lot of creative tools that you would normally expect to find on a professional editing application like layer effects, clone, smudge, and erase tools.


Up and coming photographers and designers looking for an expert picture editor might like to try GIMP out. Don’t worry, there’s no masks or leather needed! GIMP means GNU Image Manipulation Program and was started in 1995 as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Consequently, it features many of the complex functions of Photoshop, including smart selection tools, layer transparency, layer masks and basic vector graphic support. GIMP can also open Photoshop documents and supports many Adobe Photoshop plug-ins.

If having an array of tools and choices at your disposal does not frighten you, GIMP is likely the best option for you. It may not be as fast to pick up as a few of the other programs that are free, but I strongly urge persevering with it as it’s easily the most comprehensive as well as the most excellent value for the money of any one of the editing programs discussed above.

Hint: In case you’ve been using a PC for several years and have already purchased a digital camera, you may already own an image editing program. Double check the box as there may be some applications on a disc in there that currently does what you need!