If you’re looking to build a compelling landing page to move people through your sales funnel, then you need to make it compelling enough to attract visitors to perform certain intended actions such as filling out an opt-in form or making a call. Sounds simple right? Yet so many people overcomplicate the process and mess it up.

One big question you should ask yourself first is “What does it take to give your landing pages the best chance ever of a performing as expected?

If you want to enrich yourself with some tips, read on…

Develop a Striking Headline

Don’t ever think of considering one element alone- but if you want to, then I would really suggest you spend most of your energy and time developing a striking headline.

I have a colleague of mine who once testified that he had to pay up to $1,000 for a copywriter to help him come up with a catchy headline and admits to date that it was one of the best investments he has ever pushed into his business.

This is for one valid reason- a headline is undoubtedly the driving force behind any successful page and all other content on the page will mean little or nothing if your visitors don’t hang on to wait for it…

Yes, it is crazy how just a few short words are going to have such a great impact on your landing page.

Always see to it that your headline is engaging and benefit driven if you seek optimum results.

Bullet points will make a huge difference

If you are ever going to get anything else from this post, you must remember this every time; nobody ever reads online- they scheme/ scan

So filling up your page with paragraph upon paragraph of mostly jargons is really going to turn off visitors- in the end, do you more harm than good and also pull down your conversion rates.

You may consider using simple and concise, benefit-driven bullet points instead of the cluster of lengthy descriptions which we don’t read anyway.

What you should do instead is to take out the paragraphs of benefits and features, and condense them down into bullets to increased conversions.

Add some images

Images are known everywhere to communicate faster than words- on the same note; they make more meaning when it comes to building a high converting landing page. However, you must be warned that you should be using them tastefully and not cluttering the page with meaningless images. This is equally important and includes the background images.

Clarity in your intentions

You should always make sure that your landing page does one thing. Carefully handhold your visitor as you guide him down the path of least resistance to the desired place/ action you want them to be/take.

When you employ these techniques among others, you are almost sure that you are going to have a successful landing page. Cluttering the page up with other elements will only snatch the goal away.