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What is GetResponse Email Marketing Service?

GetResponse is a user-friendly email marketing platform- arguably the easiest to use. It allows you to set up important marketing lists of prospects, partners, and clients, to enable you to develop more fruitful relationships between - in short, you get to build a responsive and profitable customer client base. Pros Pricing This is arguably the [...]

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Why You Should Be Sending E-newsletters

You're probably so overwhelmed with things to do that the last thing on your mind right now is to adding sending e-newsletters to your list. However, if done well, an e-newsletter can be an enormous plus to you. Nearly 9 in 10 adults go online to check email, more frequently than they shop on the [...]

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Why Are E-newsletters So Important?

Why are e-newsletters so important? Blog after blog bangs on about building a list, nurturing the database, using swipe files to engage the list, but why? Studies reveal that nearly 80% of content management benchmarks and budget investments receive the best return of income from e-newsletters. That means, nearly four-fifth of your marketing audience is [...]

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20 Brilliant Tips to Grow your Email Database for FREE!

Netting a strong, organic email database is the holy grail of electronic marketing. E-mails are concise, high-impact, packets of information you can deliver at a low cost. Engaging your user base with a mix of creativity, keywords, and the essential human touch is critical. It isn’t all rosy, however! With an increasingly mobile user-base, email [...]

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