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What Is An Instagram Shadow Ban?

An Instagram shadow ban is a method which is used by Instagram to control anti-social user behaviour — this ranges from spam Instagram accounts, bots, trolls, people who use follow/unfollow technique and other automation that doesn’t add any value to the app in any helpful way. When a shadow ban is inflicted on your account, [...]

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Is Instagram Right For Your Business?

It goes without say that Instagram is the social network trending at the moment and the stats are there to back up this claim. Research shows that Instagram is currently receiving 15 times more public engagement than Facebook. However, for a business, it is important to know that what works for others on other social [...]

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3 Blockbuster Strategies For Increasing Facebook Engagement

If you are looking at ways of increasing Facebook engagement, you have just clicked on the right link. You may wonder why is it that some pages seem to always have very high engagement while others hardly have any yet they post equally good content. Follow me... In this article I will show you some [...]

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How To Build A Compelling Landing Page

If you're looking to build a compelling landing page to move people through your sales funnel, then you need to make it compelling enough to attract visitors to perform certain intended actions such as filling out an opt-in form or making a call. Sounds simple right? Yet so many people overcomplicate the process and mess [...]

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes and Solutions

Small company marketing services are the holy grail for many little service owners, particularly considering that the owners are pretty much the one in charges of their personal online worlds-- or a minimum of it might feel that way. No one truly has to inform them what to post and state on their Facebook page, [...]

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How to be a social media star…

With 15 years experience in the media, and as a leading parent blogger, Sophia Walker of Milk Drunk Diary shares her thoughts on exactly what it takes to be a Social network Superstar ...I joined the world of journalism and marketing back in the noughties-- a time when Nokia's ruled the world and 'texting' was [...]

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5 Ways On How To Leverage The Use of Social Media In Local SEO

Social network is a game changer. , and this rate is likely to swell in 2017. Social network platforms are no longer confined to reconnecting with previous schoolmates or sustaining brand-new relations. They are used as marketing channels and trading tools by small business and multinational corporations. Social network and SEO work hand in hand [...]

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Big 2017 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Do you think 2017 will be the year of video? Again? If so, you’re in good company.In fact, if I were forced to TLDR this post, the big social media trends for 2017 could be boiled down to this:Video (live, recorded, and 360-degree)Influencer marketingBotsBut there is much more you can and should do in 2017 [...]

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