When it’s scheduled, it’s done!

The quickest path to content failure is to not have a content calendar or content schedule.

You may have experienced this before; you attend a course or read a book on content, get massively excited, go all-in on your content and post to your Facebook page eight times a day, Tweet your brains out, Instagram everything you see, write a blog telling the world that you’re going to blog every day, then, then…

Life and the 4621 other things you have to get through in a day take priority.

At 11.38, exhausted, you roll into bed and promise yourself you will blog tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

It’s ok, we’ve all been the Motivated Idiot from time to time! The thing is, if you make a plan for your content, you know what’s coming up and can budget your time accordingly. Knowing that you will be writing a cracking blog on the history of goats in Guam will get you excited and committed to being a trusted source of information for your followers.

To make it easy for you, you can download the content plan we use for creating all our content for free. It has the date for the post, the vehicle (ie text, video, photo), the call to action or offer, and the headline.

You will also see it has a heading called Post Type. To learn about different post typs and how to use them, we’ve got you covered there too.