Why are e-newsletters so important? Blog after blog bangs on about building a list, nurturing the database, using swipe files to engage the list, but why? Studies reveal that nearly 80% of content management benchmarks and budget investments receive the best return of income from e-newsletters. That means, nearly four-fifth of your marketing audience is persuaded by email newsletters! Compare that with a measly 10% for social media and you know this is more than hype.

As a cost-effective option for building relationships and maintaining constant contact with customers and prospects, e-newsletters are hard to beat. Not only do they educate and build trust in your brand, they generate nearly 70% of online e-commerce purchases. People frequently sign up to e-newsletters to be kept in loop regarding promotional offers, brand updates, event updates, industry news, or new products and services.

With a simple, clear messaging technique, and ability to engage via the call-to-action (CTA), they’re very handy for winning back customers as well.

Benefits Of E-newsletters

  • Keep your brand relevant and generate warm leads from relevant consumers
  • Create a routine in customer engagement – scheduling updates, deals, or news periodically
  • Improve communication between businesses and customers with updates

The following reasons are why signing up your website visitors to your e-newsletter is so important:


Electronic newsletters allow you to increase coverage to your target audience across the globe. By strategically placing information about the newsletter on your web portal, usually done by giving something away for free as a Lead Magnet, you can capture contact details and invite more subscribers to join your tribe. With a few keystrokes you help users learn more about your business, company news, work culture, and generally provide value to users in every interaction. Best of all, sending such information and engaging with your customers is low-cost and barely makes a dent in your marketing budget!


A valuable and trusted relationship is built by consistently engaging with your customers, and offering them massive value with every interaction. Email newsletters serve as a continuous reminder of your brand. It allows consumers to form a favourable impression of you and your brand. For example, a yoghurt brand which emails you every week is likely to be on top of your mind, and will help you identify them on a supermarket aisle easily. It helps build:

  • Brand loyalty and brand identity
  • Sales conversion and revenue generation
  • Opportunities for personalised engagement (targeted offers, deals, promotions)
  • Specify services without appearing pushy, something generic sales campaign might not be able to do.

The idea is to identify new opportunities to add value for the people in your email database.


A newsletter showcases your expertise, your business goals, and can build customer confidence in your company as a potential service provider. Several marketing consultancy firms note how a good, curated content-driven newsletter establishes brand reputation and leadership credentials of a business. It’s important to include articles that cover influential issues of your market sector or share industrial research data customers would normally not be able to access.

The other benefit of curating content is letting customers know that you care more about their needs than self-promotion. It automatically invites more trust, as well as conveying a degree of confidence in your products and services, and creates awareness of market trends.

Gated Content Promotion

Email newsletters allow a company to separate subsets of preferred customers from general campaign blocks. This, in turn, allows your newsletters to promote gated content like downloadable whitepapers, e-Books, and surveys, allowing you to gather more hot leads.

Brand Awareness

Too often, just a website alone isn’t enough to create awareness and understanding of your company and its products and services. Newsletters give you an option to outline the offers, mask your advertisements as beneficial offers, and provide clarity on the bigger picture. Besides, there’s always an option to link them to further engagement options, find out more about your customers, and share results or new information.


Newsletters can be used to reinforce the effect of your advertising and promotional campaigns. The special offers, deals, promotional events, and other exclusive goodies can enhance the value of a newsletter subscription in the eyes of a customer. Including helpful information and announcements regularly helps them stay updated without having to put in any extra effort. It also creates great overall brand value, especially when you integrate the content with other efforts on your website surrounding product launches, sales, and marketing campaigns.

If you’re ready to increase sales by getting your message directly into your customer’s inboxes, contact the guru’s today.