You have no doubt been on the receiving end of fake Instagram comments like ‘great!’ or a high five emoticon. fake-instagram-comments

I use an app called Iconosquare which is fantastic for tracking your engagement, hashtags, and best times to post (based on how much engagement your previous posts have received)

Latest research shows that 40% of comments are fake, coming from bots. 40%!

This blog from Iconosquare explains it in greater detail, and outlines what it means for you, your account, and account growth.

Sure you could use a bot to make fake comments that piss people off, you could also try the follow/unfollow technique that will have some people blocking you in a rage, while others who do follow you will be low-value and (most likely) will not convert to sales.

Remember the saying ‘quality over quantity’? It rings true in every area of life, Instagram is no different!

Fake Instagram Comments And How To Beat Them

There are millions of blog posts written that share 1873 ways to grow your Instagram following quickly, however, there is really only one main way to grow your Instagram following organically.

Post. Great. Content.


So how do you do it?

Here’s some quick and easy tips that you can implement today:

  1. Make sure your subject is well lit. If you’re shooting with your phone, even using a basic auto adjustment will make your image pop.
  2. Make sure your subject fills the screen. If you’re shooting food, we want to see the food, not the table!
  3. Research shows that Instagram images with people in them get greater engagement than those without. Even if you’re not an Instamodel showcasing your flawless white teeth, gained by this wonderful teeth whitening product you’re selling, people still connect with people. Amazing, right?

On top of these tips for better photos, make sure you use hashtags! And not #superironichashtagsnobodyuses but hashtags people look at such as #sunset #food #travel and so on.