Today I’d like to talk about the problem with multitasking, and give you a very simple step for increasing productivity.

Stop trying to multitask!!

By doing one thing at a time, you will increase productivity and have more energy for completing more tasks.

Did you know the human brain is basically incapable of putting 100% concentration into more than one thing at a time?

I get that it’s possible to do two things at once, like you can walk down the street while talking on the phone.

But try reading a newspaper article out loud while simultaneously writing a review of the movie you watched last night. Can’t be done.

Multitasking became a corporate buzzword that consultants and managers started throwing around to try and get more blood from the same overworked stones. Then, naturally, recruitment companies had to start putting ‘must be able to multitask’ in every single job description they listed.

So, to truly increase your productivity, make a list of tasks, focus on each task one at a time, and see how much your productivity increases!

I’ll leave you with this Japanese: ‘Start one thing, finish one thing, and the world still turns.’