Hashtags! They’re a vital way of being found on social media, but not many people understand how to use hashtags properly.

To summarise, a hashtag collates a specific subject that people may be searching on Instagram and Twitter.

So for example, if you take a photo of a beautiful sunset and post it on Instagram with #sunset anyone who searches this can find your photo, then maybe like and follow you.

Same for Twitter, although it goes a step further and people hashtag things such as #marketing so if you want to follow people in marketing, you could search that hashtag.

They’re also great for events or big news. Sporting events will always have a unique hashtag so you can follow the game live on social, and brands use their own hashtags too.

The difference is, Instagram is more for imagery so the hashtags are relevant to the photos being shown, whereas Twitter is more of a conversation, so this is where you will see edgy and ironic hashtags.

People using hashtags such as #IloveChristmascosofallthefood on Instagram will probably find they’re the only person using such a hashtag, so the likelihood of someone searching that is quite low compared to say #Christmas or #Christmasfood but on Twitter, it’s a bit more fun.

Makes sense?