Most small business owners take a scatter gun to approach to developing a social networking campaign, especially when they want to get Twitter followers fast. Few recognise their Twitter profile is the key component to bringing and keeping a constant flow of followers. The path to success when creating your Twitter profile starts with an easy to follow formula.

Always start with a good photo of yourself that conveys who you are as a person and what your brand is about. Make it attractive, or hilarious, but make sure to keep it authentic. If you’re trying to get Twitter followers fast, creating a profile with no photo can make you look like a spam account, which is not your goal.

Twitter Profile Do’s & Dont’s

If your profile is about creating an aspirational lifestyle, have a friend snap a photo of you cycling, running, swimming, or bringing in a 20-pound barracuda. Analysis shows that people often decide whether or not to follow someone based on their profile photo. Likewise, if you are creating a professional account as a real estate agent, your profile photo needs to convey your professionalism.

Avoid taking photos in front of a private jet or a borrowed Lexus or your friend’s cousin’s sister best friends lotto winning neighbour’s home. Unless of course you won the lottery utilising a system you are selling, just keep it real.

Although movie stars and athletes are hugely popular, do not give into the idea of placing their photo on your Twitter profile. Even though it’s been shown time and time again that sex sells, stay away from sexy photos on your profile (unless you’re a stripper looking to attract clients).

Overall, if you wish to attract customers with your Twitter account you will want to concentrate on gaining followers based on your target market. It will take a balanced combination of an excellent profile coupled providing value through your tweets, as well as a smattering of promotional tweets blended in.

When developing a tweeting strategy to attract more fans, stay with a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratio to truly build Twitter followers quickly. This means send three or four educational or value-adding tweets to one promotional tweet. You might find you will have better results with a 5 to 1 ratio, although do not go the other way or you will come across as a spammer. Your followers will see through this, and will either unfollow or ignore you.