Ok, so popups on websites. Yes they’re important, but you want to make sure you use website popups that don’t annoy people and have them leave your site before they’ve consumed your content!

Most will agree and understand that collecting email addresses to create a database is probably the #1 most important thing you can do for increasing sales.


There are popups, then there are popups…

Hands up if you have ever seen an article, thought ‘I’d like to read that’, clicked, then before you’re three words in, a popup interrupts your reading experience with ‘Like our content? Subscribe now for more!’

Did it grind your gears?

I know it does for me!

It’s hard enough to attract new readers/potential customers to your site, annoying them within 15 seconds is unlikely to make them rave about you and share your content.

The solution?

Try a plugin called PopupAlly (unsponsored, I have no affiliation but use them regularly) as you can customise when your popup appears.

You can have them set to pop up as someone is about to leave the website, and it only does this at one-week intervals.

You can set it to pop when someone gets to the bottom of an article, halfway through an article, every time they go to leave the page, options abound!

In my opinion, let the reader consume your content in peace. Once you have given them incredible value, then let your popup go to work and ask for the precious email address. How do you like to use popups?